Lady Rae

Herd mareDanger   Run

Did you know that Arabians are the horse that got off “The Boat” (Noah’s Ark)?  Our verbal bloodline history goes all the way back to Peleg, Noah’s great, great, great, grandson!  The Arabian was also the original war horse, so  I  am a direct descendant of the first horse and the first war horse. I am an original, and a war horse.  Is that cool or what? I am a special horse.

And, did you know that Jesus is coming back on a white, war horse?  Well, I am white, too, almost … I get more white every year.  My father was pure white.   I am a special horse.

I am also the herd mare (unless the Nina is around, then she is).  That means I am in charge of herd safety – it is my job to alert the herd to any danger ….  Granted, my brother and I are a herd of two, but I take my job seriously, none the less.  I pick up my head often, to keep an eye out for danger.  I like to snort and take off, just for practice sometimes.  It’s annoying because my brother never joins me. I try to practice stomping out wildlife by chasing the little noisy, gray varmit that heralds Nina’s every morning.  (I haven’t caught her yet, but I keep trying.)

When we go riding I watch for shadows and listen for odd sounds.  I can snort and slide across the road quicker than you can shake a stick.  If you did shake a stick, I could whirl around and be a quarter mile down the road before Nina gets me stopped.  I often alert her to deer and other wildlife by pointing with my flaring nostrils and my dainty curved ears.

Nina says I’m hot – and I’m proud of it it.  I am a special horse.

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