Smokey Joe

Smokin Joe

I am Smokey Joe.  Nina calls me “Smokn Joe”, cuz if it’s one thing I aint, it’s smoking!  I don’t believe in going faster than is essential.  The only thing I have in common with “smoking” is that if something is smoking … like say, the forest … I will consider running.  I am Poppy’s horse, thank God!

Nina actually makes me run in circles sometimes.  How stupid is that?  I mean, I’m not even going anywhere! And, is the barn on fire?  NO!  My sister, RaeRae, wears me out!  She is forever trying to make me run with her.  Just watching her makes me tired.

I like to eat and be left alone. I don’t mind hauling Poppy up and down the road once a month or so.  We amble along nicely, for an hour or two.  No flying lead changes, no pole bending or trail climbing … it’s a nice little, relaxing outing.  I don’t care how far ahead of us RaeRae and Nina get,  We know the way home and we’ll get there … eventually.

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