Her Catship’s Bad Day

Image                                                                                    DSC01405

I have had a ROUGH week.  Nina took me to the vet last Wednesday.  I was very brave (and friendly) for her.  The first time she took me, it was just a pin poke and a trip back home.  Granted, I didn’t care for the car ride much, but I didn’t cry too much.

This time, however, they took my kennel to the back room … it wasn’t pretty.

By the time Nina got me back I was a mess!  They put (very hard) purple mitties on my front paws.  I got one off the very first night, as you can see in the first picture.

Nina put stuff in my mouth two times a day, for several days. I already felt awful and felt like she was picking on me! I got very angry at her for that.

One of the things she put in my mouth made me sleep a lot. (Second picture)  As you can see, they also shaved my tummy! Now that’s just wrong … and drafty.

I got the second mittie off after a day or two.  Go ME!!

PS.  The next time I see that vet … it’s going to be all teeth and toenails, Girl Friend!

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