Best house dog in the world!

Best Lap Dog in the World

My favorite time with Nina, besides our walks in the morning, is evening tv time.  We sit together in her chair and she pets me.  Sometimes  she pulls my whiskers and we play, during the commercials.  She shares her chips and/or peanuts with me, too. Most of the time, I sleep while she checks Facebook.   Peli and Tipper and the Cat Monster are usually drapped around the room somewhere.  Poppy watches tv.  We like to all hang out as a pack.

Nina tells me that I am the best house dog in the World because I don’t shed, I fit in the chair with her, and I fit in the kitchen sink – for bathing. (UGH and UCK!)  She likes that I go to bed by myself, in my kennel, too.  I am a good dog.

I, personally, don’t care for all of the things she likes.  I see myself as an awesome dog because I am fearless, I could be a GREAT hunter – if only she’d let me run with the big dogs.  (I may not be big, but I am fast and fierce!) I also like that I am a terrific alarm system.   (One day I shall have to tell you how I saved Nina’s life!)

I do appreciate Nina’s compliments, even if I don’t agree with her logic!  I try to make her happy; a happy Nina makes for a happy Me.

Aren’t I shiny and cute?!  Those are two more reasons I am the best house dog in the world!

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