Fall Ride

all the paths you take in life

Shadows of things to come

Yesterday we went for a fall ride.  Nina rode me (RaeRae) and Poppy rode SmoknJoe.  Let me tell you, “Smokn Joe was smokn yesterday!”  I was right proud of him.  He surprised me with his energy and vigilance.

It was cool and overcast where we were, but the sun lit up the distant peaks. We all felt great. Smokey led out after the first mile or so! He moved right along, keeping his head up and his ears forward. He even went by the guy cutting wood with a chain saw! (He did it sideways and on his tippy toes, but he did it.)

Turning down a new road to go home seemed to flip a switch for him, though. I couldn’t tell if he was excited about going home or if he was nervous about going down a new path.

A sudden gust of wind and movement in a pinion pine could have been something awful!  Smokey’s reaction was perfectly normal. The bad thing was, he didn’t let Poppy know what he was going to do, first.  He skittered sideways, quick as a blink, and dumped him!

Smokey surprised me so much, I had a heart attack too, and almost unseated Nina.  She stayed aboard so we were cool, but I am a little worried about Smokey.

Rule #1 for horses is NEVER hurt people.

Rule #2 is NEVER dump your rider.

He broke both rules at the same time.  I sure hope “old Smoke” gets another chance!

2 thoughts on “Fall Ride

    • Poppy is amazingly not sore at all today!! He scrambled to his feet and quickly went after his horse – so as to not to have to walk home in those cowboy boots!!
      Thank you for asking.

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