Visitors came calling

I, the Princess Cat (aka: Monster Cat or Bella) have company this week. There is a woman, a boy, and a man.  I can tell they are cat people.  I did not need to hide and check them out for more than a couple of hours.  (Sometimes it takes me a day or two before I decide if I should grace someone with my fun personality and darling antics!)

I can not resist playing with the woman’s long braids, hanging over the back of her chair. Her laughter tells me she enjoys it too.  The boy is much like my Draven. He has strings and things, and a happy laugh.  He also feeds me kitty treats – which earns him points on my list of favorite people,  I allow the man to pet me and take my pics, but he is more interested in visiting with Poppy.

They were gone all afternoon yesterday.  I wonder where they went!

              Kunicks visit Hole in the Wall

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