Herd Mare

This morning I was enjoying munching RaeRae’s hay (mine was gone), when Nina came out with the halters and a man child.  I was suspicious and decided she wasn’t going to catch me.  My last riding experience was not the best, and Poppy made me stand in the corral all afternoon, without chow! I am not doing THAT again.

I watched Nina halter and tie Rae.  When she came for me, I flicked my ears back, turned my butt to her, and walked off – just letting her know – ‘I’m the boss today’. To my surprise, that ‘Old Mare’ laid me hard across the butt with the lead rope!  How rude was that? Then she made me run laps, whapping me each time I tried to slow down.  Man!  I did not like that.  Herd mares are such a hassle!

Finally I quit and faced her with both eyes.  (When I do that, she lets me stop and breath.)  I know this woman, and if I back off, so will she.  I let her halter me without further ado.

When she put the saddle on me, I put my ears back again, telling her, “I’d rather not, thank you.”  When she ignored me I pushed her up against the fence – like I do Poppy sometimes.  To my surprise, she poked me with something sharp!  Then that Old Mare made me move from side to side up against the fence myself, several times.  When she finally let me stop, I licked my lips.  Whew, that was unpleasant!

I tried hard to be be good for the rest of the saddling, but she made me run in circles anyway.  I learned. last winter, that if I did good, she would let me stop sooner.

Let me tell you, when that man child came out to ride – I was relieved. He was very kind and gentle with me.  Nobody can be as mean as that Old Mare!

GE DIGITAL CAMERA                             GE DIGITAL CAMERA

One thought on “Herd Mare

  1. Had the “man child” overnight on Sat. and he is still talking how “he” got it so the horse can be ridden again. They all had such a good time!

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