Dazl’s Favorite TV Show

A most Stellar JayDazls fav tv show

We had snow last night. I like to look out the window and watch what is going on.  I am thankful that the windows are low enough for me to stand up by and look out.

A lot of different kinds of birds came to the feeder this morning.  Nina and Poppy particularly like the Stellar Jay, but we also had Mourning Doves, Ring Neck Doves, Pinion Jays, Purple Finches, and Bullock Orioles this morning!  I like to watch them all.  I know that I could help that Barn Cat catch a few, if only I could get out.

I love it when they hit the windows.  “Calling!  All Schnauzer clean up crew!”  I run in circles until Nina lets me out. Sometimes she beats me to the body, and gets it for herself.  She throws it into the dumpster!  What a waste. I eats ’em, feathers and all.  I am a great “clean up” type dog.

I sure do hope that Stellar Jay never hits the window,.. I would be in sooo much trouble ….

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