Three Amigas

Fall ride   DSC01367

I don’t like it when Nina rides me and leaves Smokn Joe at home.  What if something happened and I wasn’t there to protect him?! What if something happened to me, and he wasn’t there to protect me?

But … I trust Nina to keep me safe. Tipper goes with us a lot, too.   I like it when Tipper goes along with us. She runs off all the monsters in the woods before I get there.  She is such a brave dog.  When she doesn’t go with us, I am always looking for her … and for the Boogy Man – since she isn’t there to chase him away! Nina often talks to me and even sings to me.  I like the sound of her voice. She is as brave as Tipper!

Nina and Tipper are part of my “herd”. We are all warriors, and brave when we are together.  I hate leaving Smokn Joe alone because he gets upset, running up and down the fence line, hollaring like he’s gonna die!  He sounds so pathetic, but once I can’t hear him yelling for me anymore, I am fine.  I have my herd with me.

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