Bdazld’s Tricks and Treats

Run away dog

I have a brand new trick! I discovered yesterday how to go hunting with Tipper.  I run off for the woods as soon as Nina lets me out the door, before she can snap me to my chain!  I love chasing rabbits, running deer trails, and hunting with the big dog, Tipper.

Nina gets really upset with me because she says the coyotes will get me (or a car).  I say “Hah!  I am too fast and strong and wise!”  She remembers the four weeks I spent at the vet’s (18 months ago), when I got tore up by two pit bulls.

I say, “Forget the past. That was a fluke. I am much bigger and more ferocious now.”        (“NOT!” argues Nina.)

One of my favorite treats is sitting on Nina’s or Poppy’s lap.  I like that I am the only dog in our household that fits.  The Monster Cat has taken over a little bit of my lap time, but usually she doesn’t stay long. I share or go sit in the other lap.

Bella n Daz Lap Napping

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