What scares Lady Rae?

DSC01093      DSC01038

I’m afraid of tight spots, doing new things, and (mostly) I’m scared of the Boogie Man.

The Boogy man is the worst because I don’t even know what he looks like!  He hides in shadows and I am sure he eats horses.  Nina tells me I’m scaring myself, but I see no point in taking chances! If there is a weird shadow or odd sound, I am sure it’s the Boogie Man and I try to run away!

Nina can either stick with me, or stay behind (by falling off).  So far, she rides away as fast as I run!  She makes me mad when she forces me go back and look at the scary spot – over and over – until I’m not scared any more.  She really takes the fun out of me scaring myself.

It is fun scaring myself with my imagination, but sometimes I get a little carried away; then I have a hard time calming down.   Do you ever scare yourself and then can’t calm down?

Do you think there is a Boogie Man?

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