What is Bdazld afraid of?

What did you say

I am not afraid of anything.  I may be little but I have great courage.

Peli and Tipper are afraid of the deer.  They say that deer can stomp them.

“Ha!” I say, “Ha. Ha.” I am loud and I am quick.

When Poppy says, “Get ’em!” I am on that!  Yesterday I flew by the big dogs, who were just standing there, looking at the deer.  I chased those big, brown, cow-like critters right out the gate.  Once I got them running, the big dogs joined in. Both big dogs turned around at the gate and went back to the house, but I chased those deer for 15 or 20 minutes before I came home.

I fear nothing!

The big dogs think I am silly and Nina worries about me getting hurt, but I say I am brave.  What do you think?

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