Special Day in Mountain Memories

Tipper n Poppy        Daz n Nina

Today is special because it’s #1 Boy”s Birthday

Tipper and Poppy are sitting up straight and wishing you a Happy Birthday.  Tipper remembers when the two of you were puppies and would wrestle on the floor.  What a good memory that is.

Poppy remembers swimming with you at Truman Lake and says next summer we are going to play in the river more and go rafting by The River House!

Nina and Daz are sitting in front of the warm stove and thinking of heart warming, fun memories. Daz remembers when she use to fit in your hands and how careful you were with her.  She also remembers playing “chase” throughout the house and playing “tug” with a sock.

Nina remembers watching favorite movies with you and playing with the trains. Nina loves the adventures we have together when you visit.

Tipper and Poppy, Bdazld and Nina all wish you a Happy, Happy Birthday.  We love you a bunch!


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