Bella’s Mountain Memory

peekaboo II          Bellas first human

Little Sister

 When I think about the Birthday Boy, I remember Little Sister, too.  She and Birthday Boy were part of my first human litter.

She was so much fun.  She would run through the house. Her little feet would fly! I would hide around the corner and jump out, grabbing her. I would pretend she was a big mouse and bite her with my baby teeth.  Sometimes, she would sit in her chair and swing her feet (during meals). I would catch them with my baby claws and hang on tight, pretending they were little birds.  I loved that she was so quick and always moving.    

She would carry me around and love me a little hard, but I loved her right back.  After all, she was just a kitten herself. We had so much fun! I missed her when Nina brought me here, but I discovered I can make the schnauzer cry and not get in trouble.  My new family is cool … but I still miss Little Sister.

Love you, Little Sister!


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