Milt Snodgrass: Mountain Man

Milt Snodgrass                            old man in the mtn

Tipper and Milt Snodgrass

Peli and I walk with Poppy every day.  Every time we walk, we go by this old wagon with a wooden man sitting on it.  There are two big barrels sitting off to one side, and the wagon tips under their weight.  Why is this wagon here?  Who is the guy?  What was in the barrels?

Poppy says the old man’s name is Milt Snodgrass. Nina made up a story called;

 The Old Man on the Wagon.

Mr. Snodgrass was traveling across the mountains, back in the days when there were no cars. Mr. Snodgrass was traveling with others but was having trouble.  His pride kept him from asking for help and he just kept falling further and further behind.

Mr. Snodgrass thought they didn’t help him because they didn’t like him.  That was not true. They were a good and helpful people, and would help each other whenever they were asked. They were just so busy with their own problems that they didn’t notice that poor, old Mr. Snodgrass’ had fallen behind until they were too far away to go back.  They were sad and hoped he would be okay.

Several other groups went by Mr. Snodgrass, as they traveled west across the mountains, but he never called out or asked for help so they passed him by. He told himself that if they didn’t care, he didn’t care either. His heart grew hard and cold, like wood. Eventually, Mr. Snodgrass himself turned to wood – to match his wooden heart. And there he sits, still today, reminding us that we need to share our needs (and our hearts) to keep ourselves alive and well.

Sometimes people think we are doing fine, or that there is nothing they can do.  It is okay to ask for help when you need it. Sometimes people have to be told what you need, because they don’t know.

It may be hard to ask for help, but remember:

  • People like to help other people.
  • We all need help sometimes.
  • People don’t have to say yes.  If they say “no”, just ask someone else.
  • God blesses those who help others.
  • Our part is to pay the good deed (the help) forward when we can.

Please, don’t be a Milt Snodgrass.

Love you guys!           XOXOXO

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