The Mystery Pet

 DSC01662[1]         Barn Cat's door

I am Barn Cat, also know as  “Emily”.  I prefer anonymity due to living in the mountain wilderness.  I the only one of the four original cats still alive, and I plan on staying that way so I am very careful.  I blend into the dark night, unlike the long haired, Persian Kivi Cat who disappeared one cold night last October.  I do not go exploring across the road like Tom, this past summer.  I do not trust all canines like Sparks did, one time when we were “dog sitting”.

I am a very careful cat.   I have been trying to not have Nina get my picture at all, but…  here I am anyway.  Sometimes I come into the house to eat, but my outside home is in the barn.  There is a door for me to get in and out whenever I want.  I like that.  It is big enough for me but too small for dogs, foxes, and coyotes.  I am thankful for the freedom to come and go.

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