Barefoot in the Mountains

         DSC01667[1]       DSC01668[1]

We had our shoes pulled off yesterday.  Our farrier is a great guy – patient and quiet.  I hate those guys who yell and/or hit me with the rasp!  This guy is worth his weight in gold; he even lets us put our feet down once in awhile too.  I know we got three feet to stand on, but if you’re not used to it, it gets weird and tippy feeling. He pulled our shoes off and left us go barefoot!  Sweet.  Going barefoot feels so good (but we do have to get used to it again).

After the shoe work comes the wormer.  Nina gave us some apple flavored stuff this time.  Smelled great – tasted like yuk, but Nina pats and hugs on us so we let her ‘do her thing’.  Her and Poppy give us horse cookies when we are all done with these quarterly chores.

Smoky Joe and I are thankful for Nina and Poppy, and that we get to go barefoot for a couple of months.

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