Pets ‘n Tech

Bella, helping Poppy text        Tipper n Nina, sharing the heat

We like technology.  It makes our people sit down long enough for us to “hang” with them.

Nina is especially bad about just sitting.  Even when she sits in front of the TV, she’s doing something!  She either knits or does sudoku! The only time we get to sit in her lap (or by her) is when she’s reading or when she’s sick. But, we love her anyway.  Usually, we lay in the room where she is working. She talks to us and gives us pats or rubs on her way by.

Poppy is much more available for quality one on one. We like that about him. He is better for those times when we need more than a pat or a rub.  We are thankful for our people, and also, for their technology!

We are thankful for you too, who read about us through our technology!  We do love to share.

XOXOXOs to you all.

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