Skiing in new snow

F8C5F63    DSC01707[1]I

It was late afternoon by the time Nina was done with her household chores and writing, but her and I still managed to go out and ski a little.  It was great to be outside in the fresh air and crisp snow.  Nina has been outside more in the last three days than she has any other three days in a row this fall.  I love that she lets me come with her.  I guess the snow is too deep for the gray fur ball.  That leash she has to wear is probably pretty tricky to handle when Nina’s hands have ski poles in them.

It took me some time to realize that Nina’s feet are now about three feet long in front and in back, and that I can’t step on them.  When I do she almost falls down!  I only stepped on them once – after that I watched for them.  I finally realized that I might as well run ahead or go hunting, and just keep her in sight.  We both enjoy exploring the nearby woods.  (Winter is the only time she ever goes into the woods. Otherwise, she always walks on the road. Weird, eh?)

But, we are loving it, and we love you guys, too!  XOXOXO

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