Kitten ‘n Yarn

Bella helpin Knit            Bella's yarn

You know that saying about cats and yarn … it is true!  I LOVE the yarn.  Nina double bags and triple bags her yarn, but I can still break it free and distribute it around the room.  What fun!  When she knits, I enjoy batting at the needles and trying to catch the yarn as it slides by.

Once, when I couldn’t get the yarn out of the bag, I chewed a hole in one of her “done” mittens, pulled that yarn out and played with it. After that,  Nina got a wooden basket with a lid on for her knitting. I haven’t figured out how to get into that so now I have to be content to bat at the yarn while Nina knits.  Sometimes I have to be pretty quick because she bats at me too, which is part of the fun!

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