Indoor doggie activity

Chew bones II                   Chew bones I

Now that it’s winter, we spend more time in the house.  We mostly sleep – but we also like chew bones.    On some of these cold winter mornings, when we get in from helping Nina with the chores, Poppy will give us each a bone. We all have our favorite places to eat on them.

They are a great way to pass the time and they make Nina happy because they aren’t people food.

They make Poppy happy because he likes to feed us.

They make us happy because we like to eat and these bones take a long time to eat.  It feels good  to chew on something hard!  Pork ears are our all time favorites (because they are greasy – YUM)!  But Nina will not let us have them in the house. (She can be a real spoil sport but … we love her anyway.)

What makes you happy on cold winter mornings?

Remember, we love you.  We hope you have a good ‘n great day!   XOXOXO

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