Big Dog, Little Dog

Poppy's Lap Dog    Nina's Lap Dog

On these cold winter nights I (Tippy) love to lay in Poppy’s lap.  He doesn’t let me sit in his lap unless he is in the big blue chair.  I love to lay with him in his chair and have him rub the hair under my chin.

The little gray “teddy dog” sits in Nina’s lap A LOT.  Her chair is by the window and they like to look out.  Nina likes the snow, the gray “teddy dog”  likes to watch for bunnies.

We enjoy our warm home and snuggling with our people.  We hope that you get to snuggle on cold winter nights, too.

Nothing warms us up like our little pellet stove and love from our people.

We are sending some of that love your way!    XOXOXO

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