Walking with the Neighbors

 The neighbors                         Walking with the neighbors  I

Our dirt road circles around a bunch of trees and several neighbors.  These two neighbors always greet us. Sometimes they walk along with us.  Today the black one ran with Nina, Dazl, and Tippy.  It was fun to run with together like that.  The little gray one is a boy and he walked with Poppy and Pelli.

They often talk to us. When they do walk with us, they go to the corner of their pasture – then they go back to eating.  I think they like the company as much as we do.  Even animals like a change of routine, then we like to go back to our old routines.

I hope your holiday has some fun, different things to do – and then that you might return to familiar (and comfortable) routine.

Love you all,

from the dogs and neighbors.  XOXOXOXO

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