Coping withHoliday Stress

Christmas tree     Bella's BIG dish

Since Nina has moved that tree out into Poppy’s office and lit it up, she has been too busy!  She makes me tired.

She shuts me out in the utility room and forgets me.  She runs that vacuum cleaner that I hate.  She is too busy cooking and writing cards (she calls it). She’s wrapping paper around boxes, but won’t let me play with it! There are these cute little, multi-colored bows that she takes away from me.  She’s too busy for me and she’s not even home half the time.

I think we need to put that tree back to where it was!  It has turned everything topsy turvy! Even Poppy is busy or gone.

I need to eat something … and don’t give me just a little bit either.  Give me the whole box!

If one of these lit-up-trees shows up at your house … well … good luck!  You might want to buys some extra cat food to help you cope.

Love you guys.  XOXOXOXO

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