Lady Rae’s Christmas Company

Ren, riding Lady Rae                Ren riding Rae

We had company for Christmas this year.  There was a small herd of people; two adults, a foal and a weanling.  They came down and gave Smokey Joe and I cookies every day.  YUM!  We really liked that part.

One day Nina came out with them.  After they groomed us and gave us our cereal, Nina put the foal saddle on me and the littlest one rode me around the corral.  This is the first time a little person ever rode me.  I was a little nervous.  What if I messed up? What if she hurt me?  But Nina was right there so I felt safe. The little filly was very kind.  She rubbed my shoulder whenever I stopped.

It wasn’t too bad.  I was glad when we were done though.  The first time I do anything new, I’m always a little nervous.  Are you like that? Next time will be easier, I’m sure.

The filly wanted to ride again – so I must have been a good first “solo ride”.  That made me happy.  We both ended with good feelings.

My favorite part, of course, was the cookies at the end.

Thank you, Little Person!  You are a way easier work out than Nina, and you give me sweet treats!

I hope to see you again sometime!

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