Peli’s Porch ‘n Door

DSC06071[1]     DSC06073[1]

If I cannot be in the house with Nina and Poppy, I like to be outside.  Sometimes the Sun Room gets too hot for me and I like to be outside!  Nina totally understands that, but Poppy seems think I should be in the house.  I like to sleep on the porch step so that if they need me, they can see, “Here I am!”

I like it when they call me in the “people door”.  It makes me feel like people … but if they take too long to open it, I run around and scoot in my doggy door! Sometimes Poppy calls me into the people door, but if he doesn’t let me into the house I go right back out my little doggie door.

I like ‘outside’.  Do you like to be outside?

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