“Bullied” Barn Cat

Ready for a run 006      Ready for a run 001

I like to be in the house but I have to find places that the Monster Cat cannot find me!

I do not like the Monster Cat to bother me.  She makes me so mad I would rather go outside and be cold. I growl at her to leave me alone but she doesn’t listen.  I try to stay away from her but she looks for me and follows me around. A lot of times she knocks me down!  I have tried to be nice and I have even played with her once in awhile, but she won’t quit when I want to. Nina tries to make her leave me alone but she waits until Nina is not looking.  She is a bully!

It is hard to know how to deal with her.  I think she wants to be my friend but she doesn’t know how. After all, she is still a kitten and kittens aren’t too smart.  All she wants to do is what she wants to do, never what I want to do; like take naps together.  I would be cool with that!

How do you deal with bullies in your life?  I hide.

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