Something Money Can’t Buy!

Pelll's mtn chew I         Pelli's mtn chew II

I like to go for daily walks with  Poppy and Tippy. We go almost every day.  Tippy and I hunt rabbits and chase deer.  Sometimes I find the best chew toys!

Today I found a deer skull. YUM! Nina and Poppy tried to break it into pieces. It was too fresh and hard and they couldn’t break it, so I didn’t have to share.  Lucky me!  I get the first chew.  I know the minute I lay it down Tipper will take it, but I got it for now.

Nina and Poppy can’t buy toys like these.  They are awesome, full of flavor, and they last a long time … unless the coyotes sneak into the yard at night and get them.

Nina won’t let us bring them in the house.  But we all take turns chewing on them outside, for as long as they last.

Chewing on fresh bones is one of my favorite things.  What is something that you like, that money cannot buy?

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