Bully or ‘The Boss’?

Ready for a run 001

RaeRae and Smokey Joe get their grain (cereal) for lunch.  It is their favorite meal.  It is like cookies or cake for children.  They don’t get very much but they get it every day and they really like it.

Usually Smokey hurries up and eats his, then he goes and takes RaeRae’s away.  Sometimes she stands up to him and says no by showing him her heels and pinning her ears back.  Then he usually walks away, but most of the time she just lets him have her lunch.

We would call Smokey Joe a bully if he were a person and took away another’s food. Nina has watched horses (and other animals) for many years and being a ‘bully’ is natural to animals.  They don’t think it’s being a bully, they see it as who’s the boss.

Do you think there’s a difference between being a bully or being a boss?

Do you think animals know what is ‘fair’ and what is not?

Ready for a run 003

Nina and Poppy wish you a day of love and fairness!  XOXOXO

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