Tipper’s “Dog-onality”

Ready for a run 007

Tipper is a happy, cheerful, but strong willed dog.

Poppy has to pinch her nose sometimes, to make her listen.  A good thing about Tipper is that she never gets mad at Poppy or Nina when they give her a consequence.  She is very forgiving.  She is not a whiner, either. Once she was out on the road and got ‘bumped’ by a vehicle when she was not paying attention. She did not get mad, or even quit playing! She is tough!   Nina thinks that Tipper is smart enough to learn from her mistakes, but she worries because Tipper keeps finding new ones to make – and she won’t listen when Poppy or Nina try to teach her new things.  Her stubbornness makes her hard to teach.

When Nina wants Tipper to do something that the big dog does not want to do, she will just leave out the doggie door.  Her attitude towards Nina is, “Talk to the Butt.”

Ready for a run 005

This attitude of Tipper keeps Nina from taking her on her walks and runs with the other dogs because Tipper will not heel when Nina calls her to.  Nina is afraid that she will not be able to keep Tipper safe from traffic when she goes out, so Tipper has to stay home.  This makes Tipper sad a lot, but she doesn’t get mad at Nina.  She still loves her.

Nina and Poppy hope that you are a happy, confident person – but we also hope that you are easier to teach than Tipper is.  Often the people in charge can seem like bullies instead of bosses, but it is their job to teach you about being safe.

Stay safe! We love you.  XOXOXO

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