Smokn Jo.II    Ready for a run 002

Smokey Joe often walks around with his ears back.  He does not seem happy or content.  Nina wonders if he feels okay, or if that is just his “horse-onalitiy”.

Did you know that there are four different kinds of horse-nalities.  There is sweet but stubborn (SamWyse), tireless but bossy (remember Smokey Joe), loyal but nervous (RaeRae), and fun but fickle (Bob, the Pony).  It is fun to see the different personalities or “horsenalities”.

As you can see, all the “horse-onalities” have good qualities as well not not so good.  If you were a horse, which would you be?  Everyone brings something special to our times together.

We love all the personalities in our families.  XOXOXO

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