Bella’s Cat-onality


I am a fun kitty.  I make Nina and Poppy laugh a lot.  I want the other animals to play with me but they usually don’t want to.  They are no fun.  They are too serious.

Do you like to play and have fun?  Usually cat-onalities (& personalities) like us are a lot of fun to be around … but we aren’t very loyal.  I will play with whoever will play with me and ignore Nina (or Poppy) if they want me to do something else.  Barn Cat gets really mad at me when I won’t quit playing! (But I don’t care – I still tackle her and bowl her over!)  Do your friends get mad at you sometimes because you don’t want to stop playing?  

Ready for a run 005

There’s good and bad in all of us, and we all love each other anyway!

I hope you have a fun and awesome day!  XOXOXO

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