Moral Support by Bella

Moral support is when you help someone by encouraging them.  We can encourage through our words or by helping someone to do something.  I help my family by simply being there I am great company.

I help Poppy do his studies while Nina and my buddy, Daz, are out on their early morning walk/run.  I don’t have to do anything.  I just keep him company.

Bella - Helping Poppy Study

I help Nina get her writing done while Poppy and the big dogs are out on their mid-morning walk.  As you can see, I still don’t do anything – I just keep her company.

I’m sure I inspire her.  Lucky Nina, to have such a cool cat as me!

Bella - Helping Nina Study

What kind of moral support do you like?

Nina likes hearing your answers to the questions on her stories.  That is excellent moral support!  Thank you so much when you do that!


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