Dogs and change …

Tipper n Dra.II     

Yesterday the Monster Cat complained about change.  We dogs LIKE change.  In the winter we dogs get to chase rabbits and deer through the snow.  We like to gallop and play in the snow.

In summer we get hair cuts, which we are not crazy about but it feels good when the clippers are done buzzing us.  It’s hotter for us until we get our haircuts, but we like the summer sun and cool nights.  Our people take much longer walks when the air is not so cold and the ice is gone.


Nina and Poppy like the changing seasons as well as people coming and going.  They enjoy some schedule changes or schedules going back to “normal”.

So you can see, some change is good.  What are some changes you like? Do you like summer breaks from school and going back in the fall to a new teacher?

We all grow and change, too.  We hope you are all growing and changing in good ways, even if you don’t like the changes you are getting.

Love you.  XOXOXO

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