Ground tied.

Ground-tied by the barn

Nina has a retractable leash that I just hate.  Whenever I drag it around it bounces and jounces behind me.  Sometimes it hits me in the butt.  I hate that! The only way I can stop from getting hit by it is to not pull it around.  I don’t like that either, but it’s better than getting hit in the butt with it.

Nina says I am ground tied.  She leaves me by the hay bales while she feeds the horses.  She drops it while she takes pictures on our runs.  She even lays that thing on the ground while she puts the cat in the house. She is so proud of me – as though it were my idea.  I do NOT like being ground tied, but not as much as I don’t like that thing chasing me around!

Ground-tied by the house

I hope you all are freer than I am these days.

Love you a bunch!


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