Dusty Rose


Hi, I am Rosie.

I belong to Mike but Nina and Poppy come over and hang out at the River house.  I know them quite well and I am always glad to see them.  Often they give me and my pasture mates hay or grain. They have apple treats, plenty of rubs, and kind words, as well.

Nina likes to play with me. (The other horses usually get played with, not me.) I like the attention! Last summer she had me run in circle (for some silly reason). Since it made her happy and it wasn’t too hard, so I did it for her. It was a small price to pay for an extra scoop of grain and some one on one time.

Nina says I would follow a bucket of grain into a burning barn.   Silly Nina. What horse wouldn’t? ( … What’s a burning barn?)

What is something that you really like to eat?


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