Meeting a Challenge.


First Riding Lesson

This is me, Sam Wyse, carrying around the boy that gives me grain.  I can feel he is a little nervous but he does not need to worry.

I did have to test him just a little, though. (That is in every horse’s unwritten contract.) I thought he rode me just a little too long. What’s with that? However, Nina convinced us both to go just a little longer.

I like the grooming and the grain,

but too long a ride is a pain.

Some things are fun all the time. Some things are fun but have hard(er) parts. Doing the hard parts is called ‘meeting a challenge‘. Have you ever noticed that you feel proud of yourself when you have accomplished something that was kind of hard?

Nina likes to write her blog,

 but doesn’t know what to say.

Poppy likes having horses,

but doesn’t like hauling hay.

What is something you like to do that can be hard sometimes? Do you still do it or do you quit?

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