Going to the Chapel …

Thelma, Charlie (Jr), & Betty

This picture was taken in the morning of the day we went to Reno.

Thelma had come back into the game. She was with Charlie, I was with Betty.

Once there, we gambled for an hour or two. Then Betty and I got together and decided, “We’re in Reno … why not just get married?”

We went over and got a marriage license at the City Hall. We found a little chapel and the Chaplin married us.

Then we went back to gamble some more. I had about $150. The other three were playing slot machines and I was playing Black Jack. I determined that if I played short in Black Jack, I would have better odds of winning some money. I was winning pretty good. The other three came and borrowed money from me, while I was playing, so they could keep playing the slot machines. I still ended up with about $250 when we left that night.

We got home in the early morning hours. Charlie and I both had to work the next day.

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