Our First “Family Swim”


The next thing I remember is taking the family swimming at the San Mateo River.
Larry was old enough to enjoy playing in the water. Shirley liked it, but she didn’t have any idea about swimming. She was only about two or three.
We were playing in the water. Betty didn’t go into it very much, but she did go out a little. There was a tree there with a rope in it. Larry couldn’t swim, but I’d swing him out over the water and bring him back to where the shallow water was and drop him off into the water. He really enjoyed that.
We had a picnic lunch and weren’t watching Shirley. She had a toy in the water. It started going out in the water. She just went right after it. When I looked around, all I seen was her hair piled up on top her head. That’s all that was out of the water!
I run and pulled her out of the water and she had never taken a breath at all. She knew to hold her breath. I realized you had to watch kids a lot closer than I was. That was one of the lessons I got that day.
We started swimming again, after an hour or so.
I was playing with both kids. I swung out on the rope. I swung out wide and when I came back in, I noticed Betty was looking at us. I caught her with my legs as I came in and swung back out over the water.

She liked to beat me to death before I got back. I finally dropped her in the shallow water. I never even thought she didn’t know how to swim. Course, I spent the next hour and a half, or two, explaining why I did that.

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