Taking My New Wife “Home”

     The next memorable occasion was almost a year later. It was in the spring. Sandy had been born and we went to see my folks.We got to where Dad and Milly lived, in Cornell, without any mishaps.


     I had met Milly but we never spent time together. That day, when we came in there, I introduced Betty. Milly said, with Betty and Dad standing there, “Why didn’t you wait and get a girl from home?”
Nancy told me later, that Milly was slow. (My mom died in 1949 and Milly finished raising Nancy, so she knew Millie pretty good.) But, that just turned me off to her. I don’t know how I even spent time there.
We went and seen other relatives. Lawrence and Rachel, an aunt and uncle on my mother’s side, still lived in Cornell. Bea and Don lived out in the country, between Medford and Cornell.
We got everyone visited, but it wasn’t a particularly good time for me. Milly’s words colored my whole visit.

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