Promoted to K.P.


Ft Warren was Army before it was Air Force. Actually, it was an old calvary base. They still had the stables, full of manure, still standing there.

About a week after I washed out of Clerk Typing School, I got my assignment of permanent KP.

I didn’t know what to do that first morning, when I showed up. There were no dishes to wash yet, so I just stood there, watching the Mess Sergeant fry eggs. I saw a dozen eggs and a turner on the other end of the grill, so I started breaking eggs and frying alongside him.
After we were done, the man asked, “Where’d you learn to cook?”
“I was second oldest boy, so I had to help Ma.”
“Well you’re gonna be a cook from now on.”
So I got promoted first day, first thing. I never did a lick of K.P.

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