The Cleaver Incident


     It wasn’t long after that I had a set-to with a First Sergeant and Company Commander. Whenever I picked up the food for that week’s menu, I’d hunt through the walk-in freezers and see what they had that was good. I saw boxes of steaks in there so I grabbed two – enough to feed my whole squadron. Figured I’d have a Friday Night Steak Fry.

I set them boxes of steaks on the counter, back in my kitchen. When the First Sergeant went through, he saw them and grabbed one.
“You can’t do that. I need those to make a meal.”
He ignored me and started to walk away with my steaks.
I grabbed a cleaver that was hanging overhead and whacked his arm with the flat side. He dropped that box of steaks.
“I’ll have you thrown in jail!”

By that time, I’d learned a few things. I knew that I didn’t have any pull. I had to be sharp enough to stay abreast of things, so I responded off the top of my head, “Well, I’ll tell ya, Sergeant, every time that you and the Commander have come in here and taken food out of the Mess Hall, I wrote it down. I can tell you what you had for supper last night. When you charge me, just remember that.”
He never did ask me if I had it all written down. I didn’t have nothing down, but I knew I could figure it out. They’d taken a lot of food out of the Mess Hall.
I waited for the police to come and pick me up but nothing happened … at first.

4 thoughts on “The Cleaver Incident

  1. Dear Zip, Thank you for reading my Timeout2 blog. I like your blog also. I am curious about your ‘handle.’ I get the Zip, but I wonder about kachina. Where do you live? In the Southwest obviously. I’ve lived in Ganado (west of Window Rock) and Pinetop-Lakeside AZ. I now live in the Wet Mountain Valley at the base of the Sangres.

  2. Thank you for your response, Katie! I’m sorry to not have posted the next story – I have it done and ready to go but there was not much interest expressed for these stories.
    I’m trying to find a way to make these different stories into different sections of this website. Is that even possible? (I continue to learn the ins & outs of technology! )

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