Famous Last Words

My critique group tells me I am not to use cliches in my writing. sigh.

I come from a long line of quoters and familial wisdom. There is a comfort in the commonality of canned sayings, just as there is in canned foods and home cooked meals.

IMG_5987 2

These old adages have been spoon fed to me for sixty years. I have a taste for them!

Memories are attached to many of them. They bring a shared experience to the story that saves the writer from having to explain (and the reader from having to read unnecessary explanations). When I read a familiar quote in someone else’s writing, I bring my own experience to whatever it is the writer speaks of and I feel connected.

If the quote is not familiar, and I like it, it becomes mine.

There is much wisdom packed into one concise sentence. Tropes are great summarizers!

Do you have one you like to use? If so, please share.

Write on,


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