Even the Dog?


“Friends are made by many acts – they can be lost by just one.”

Who of us has not betrayed another? The sadness, the grief, even the self-forgiveness required to move past it.

It seems so unfair; you get one chance and then you’re out? Really?  Whatever happened to Strike Three?

There are times when betrayal is unavoidable: like … having to choose between two rights (or a lesser evil). What if there is no ill will, only ignorance or weakness? What about misplaced loyalties and suddenly you “Come to your senses”?

There’s the big “double cross” (Judas’ kiss) and then there’s the little white lie. Betrayal is laced, in various degrees, throughout our stories.

Can one act erase an important relationship? It depends on the act … and the individual … doesn’t it?

Write on,


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