Hide & Seek


Playing with the Wildlife

The deer were bucking and running in circles on the road this morning, savouring the promise of spring. I was on the phone – enjoying this visual image of life outside my window – until I realized they were coming in the gate.

No. No. No. They trash our bird feeders in seconds. There were twenty of them, at least! I grabbed the BB gun and ran out to chase them off.

Game on!  They hid in the trees, split up, circled around behind me … it became quite the challenge. I ran, dodged, stop to listen, tried to head them off. (They are a lot like cows, they know where you want them to go, and go in any direction but! Suckers.)

Finally I had them all driven out. More materialized from among the pines across the road, confused by the cool reception. “What’s up with her?”  I shoot at them, too.

The white butts bounced into the trees, tails waving good-by. They know we have treat blocks for them on the other side of the horse fence … and that is where they go.

I walk back to the house, exilerated from my “hunt.” What fun. The person on the other end of the line has been laughing, not quite believing they are playing hide and seek with me and the deer.

What is a brush you’ve had with Mother Nature lately? What feelings did you experience? Share, if you will.

Write on,


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