Fourteen years of “Good Dog!”

Years of good memories were packed into life with this pup; herding cows, running competitive 5Ks, camping with the horses – running alongside while we rode and sleeping under the camper at night. She guarded cattle gates, got me out for my daily morning runs, and survived an “incident” with a farm truck, losing a back leg.

She showed up with her whole heart every time she was called upon. When I got a new running mate, Ol’ Peli struggled with depression but kept me in the #1 Mom Place to the bitter end. Her faithfulness amazed and humbled me. She greeted me with her toothy doggie grin very morning and every night; always ready to help with chores and barking her encouragements. Even when she was getting blind, she followed me everywhere I went, always laying within calling distance.

Have you ever had a pet so faithful? All those memories make that one day so much worse, yet I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

How does this pertain to your life story?  Write on,


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