Mr Binks


Welcome Mr. Binks to my writing staff. In this picture, he is munching a piece of potato as I puddle along on my keyboard. Ratties make great desk pets. They are quiet and often comical. Snuggling with Mr. Binks is great relief from”frayed brain” (aka: writer’s block). I find the companionship of his warm little body, asleep in my hoodie, encouraging as I peck away at my stories.

Mr Binks is my fifth and most charming rat. I usually have two at a time, but Mr. Binks came as a single unit. It may be why he is so charming …. He is the first rat I’ve ever taken to the vet (and that is saying a lot, because I am a total cheapskate.)

Here’s a fun fact for you: did you know that rats are the most popular pet (sold by pet stores) for twelve year old girls? (and, apparently, some 60-year-old female authors.)

Do you have something concrete, in your writing environment, that makes it more enjoyable? If so, what is it?

Write on,


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