Overlapping the Arts

Art travels well with its different venues: writing and music, painting and sculpting,  photography and design. Creative brains find innumerable ways to express themselves.

I like to sing and dance and draw, in the last couple of weeks I’ve dug out my guitar and plink away, seeking the place of my last departure. I photograph nature and study others’ photographs. I read every time I get a chance. I love to tell stories and use props to act out the drama.

But my first passion is to write a good story …

Are these other activities a distraction, or do they feed my creativity?

My first three stories were written in relative silence. My characters led me down their paths of adventure and I happily followed, enjoying their exploits with them.

I find a variety of music inspiring and I can follow a line of inspiration for two or three minutes, but suddenly, I find myself on an entirely different, often opposing, sound track and I lose the muse. Where’d she go?

So, who practices a craft with music? Do you pick music that matches the piece you are working on (lest you be working with love and violence slips in from the shadows?) Do you replay the same sound track over and over, to maintain theme and atmosphere? Or, with practice, have you learned to ignore the change and run with the muse?

Share if you dare. I am curious.

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