The Magic in Ordinary

SamWyse & Beau in woods

A blond three-year-old boy,

a red and black, bloodhound pup,

a fat, black cat,

and an old, white horse

amble past my living room window.

The boy whacks at weeds with his stick,

the puppy grabs at the stick, dodging whacks,

the cat follows, tail up, above the shenanigans,

and the old white horse follows along for the company.

The four friends disappear from my window,

to continue their bonding in the warm, autumn sun,

making memories that live only in the subconscious.

Until, years later, an image triggers a vague memory

of long-forgotten, four-legged friends,

in another warm, autumn sun,

of sweet camaraderie between the species,

and the sun’s kiss on my neck, for a blessing.

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