Riding in the Rockies


We were a couple of tourists,

vacationing last week.

We camped out in the Rockies,

beneath the mountain peaks.

We put our ponies in a pen,

after riding ’round a bit.

We marveled at the scenery,

and took many shots of it.

We layered up cuz we were cold

in the crisp morning air,

and we grumbled about the dust,

and its presence ev’rywhere.

We rode up to the Great Divide,

a ride like none before.

There was no way to be prepared

for what it held in store.

The waterfalls and the switchbacks,

the paths across loose shale,

the rock that bounced for many feet,

a hoof kicked off the trail.

Hindquarters slipping off the path,

caused hearts to skip a beat.

We teased and called encouragement.

Adventure can be sweet!

We laughed and talked and shared our lives,

that time that we did spend.

The views were all the sweeter cuz

we shared them with our friends.

A vacation in the Rockies?

Oh, it was more than that.

The time we spend with folks we love,

is really where it’s at.

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